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A New Best Practice for FTTx Network Engineering

Learn from advanced solutions and expertise that successfully drove a major broadband project for a high-profile telecomm concern, on time and on schedule.

September 15, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

Webinar Recorded on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Having the right data at the beginning of a project can make all the difference in the ultimate success of the project. A shared lament from geospatial professionals is the phrase "garbage in, garbage out" when referring to the dubious quality of input data before starting a project and/or undertaking an analysis. At the most basic level, building out a new fiber or broadband network is an incredibly complex and overwhelming venture on its own, but beginning with bad data – whether out of date or just inaccurate – introduces a new set of challenges that further complicates the process.

Many CSPs, in the early design and engineering stages of the project, find that they have limited, ground truth knowledge of their current asset inventory i.e., the type, location, and condition of their current network assets. It’s essential that, before planning a rollout, adequate tools be available to allow them to both gather and confidently analyze a broad base of project relevant geospatial data. As a result, the CSP can then not only produce a "true" inventory of the organization’s assets but also have early visibility to potential hurdles to project success as well as any features/parameters that might be leveraged to their advantage. However, historical methods of gathering this important asset data manually through labor intensive field surveys can compound and even introduce new errors into the process through inaccurate measurements in addition to being CapEx costly, time-consuming, and putting workers at increased safety risk.

Cyclomedia, as the global innovation leader in street level imagery, has proven real world experience in not only collecting and delivering the highest quality street-level data with robust asset datasets, but also the most accurate data with consistent ground truth accuracy less than 10 centimeters (<4 inches). This data provides an exceptionally reliable source-of-truth dataset using the power annotated high-resolution street level imagery and advanced LiDAR point cloud technology. By leveraging the Cyclomedia solution to optimize confident inventory knowledge at the project outset during the design and engineering phases, CSPs can avoid costly remediation, get to market faster AND gain a competitive advantage.

Webinar Recorded on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Presented by:

Jill Scharbarth, Solution Specialist, Cyclomedia
As a Solution Specialist at Cyclomedia, Jill has been intricately involved with several high visibility telecommunications and utility projects ranging from large to small. She provides project-based support and expertise including user support, workflow guidance, software training and general technical support. Jill works with clients’ GIS teams to help efficiently integrate Cyclomedia street level imagery solutions into the operational workflow. More recently she has, and continues to, work with a large, diversified engineering firm on a 4,000-mile fiber engineering project and with a large western utility company on a project to manage vegetation encroachment near critical electrical infrastructure.

Prior to her role on the Solutions team, Jill built and managed the Quality Assurance department for Cyclomedia’s data analytics operations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environmental Science.

Founded in 1980, Cyclomedia is the leading international provider of data and software solutions virtualizing the outside world accurately on-screen. Cyclomedia customers derive actionable insights from the geodata platform to power day-to-day decisions remotely and with more accuracy, delivering exceptional ROI. Cyclomedia focuses its solutions on tax assessment, asset management, public safety, construction & engineering, utility & transportation, and insurance & real estate. Cyclomedia employs 270 people with US headquarters in San Rafael, CA, US, operations in Madison, Wisconsin, global headquarters in The Netherlands, and global operations in Germany and Scandinavia.

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