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Ribbon Cable, Still Around and Still Delivering Advantages!

Gain a good understanding of ribbon-based cables, and why and how this technology is still a go to and starting point of many network plans and deployments.
Organizer: ISE Magazine

November 17, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

Webinar Recorded on Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Ribbon based cables? Are we still talking about a technology that has been around since the 70s and 80s? Its time in the spotlight has come and gone, right? Ribbon based cables may not be the hot new term or the technology grabbing the attention and basking in the limelight of network design or deployment discussions, but this technology is still delivering many advantages of legacy, new and planned deployments. Why? Simply because it delivers!

Ribbon based cables deliver on the fiber capacity and density, meeting the physical space constraints, lowering labor and installation costs, yielding high quality, and performing optical pathways, ease of use and short learning curve and much, much more. The advantages of ribbon cables are not limited to just one or two deployment types. Newer benefits in newer applications are being uncovered even though the bases of the benefit have been there all along.

This presentation will review the history of ribbon-based cables, including recent and coming innovations. We’ll take a close look at the many, many advantages across multiple network and deployment applications. By the end of this presentation, you should have a good understanding of why and how ribbon cables are still a go to and starting point of many network plans and deployments.

Attendees will gain a good understanding of ribbon-based cables, why and how this technology is still a go to and starting point of many network plans and deployments.

Webinar Recorded on Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Presented by Joshua Seawell, Director of Product Management, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
With over 20 years of industry experience, Joshua Seawell oversees the continued product development and distribution of Sumitomo’s broad portfolio of optical fiber and connectivity solutions for North America and the CALA regions. Meeting the needs of the customer through the continuous innovation of new and better solutions, Joshua was instrumental in launching the industry’s first MPO splice-on-connector.

At Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), we are a recognized leader in innovation, design, and development of advanced and integrated end-to-end solutions. We specialize in the manufacturing of these innovations for data center, enterprise, and communication network centers.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave is the provider for the industry’s fast, most reliable, advanced fiber optic technology and solutions. Catering to today’s most well-known optical fiber outside plant and indoor plant deployments, the company is committed to not only its shareholders, but its customers. Sumitomo Electric Lightwave values providing a high quality customer service experience, designed to meet and tailor to the customer’s desired product solution needs.

Since 1983, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has been committed to producing the finest high-speed quality of fiber optic technology innovations.

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