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What type of content is the most livestreamed by Internet consumers?

Sixty-one percent of livestreaming users have recently watched a live sporting event online, while newscasts, the second most popular type of content, captured only 36% of live streamers.

According to Parks Associates research, 43% of US internet households have livestreamed online content in the past three months, with sporting events by far the most popular type of content. 

“Consumers who subscribe to online sports services or those who subscribe to a premium pay-tv sports package are more likely to livestream,” said Paul Erickson, Director of Research, Parks Associates. “Right now, sports content is key to drawing and keeping an engaged livestream viewer base. Even with content that benefits from live consumption – such as news and concerts – significantly fewer consumers are livestreaming this content compared to sports. The sports audience is significantly more engaged in livestreaming as a whole.”

Parks Associates’ recently published consumer study  Quantified Consumer: Livestreaming: The Next Hot Video Market  examines the uptake of livestreaming video, the different types of live content that drive consumption, and the platforms and services used for this content.

Now, 82% of US internet households have at least one OTT service according to our research.

How consumers obtain these services is telling and helps understand how consumers view the very fragmented OTT service market:

  • 59% of OTT subscribers prefer unified bundles that combine their OTT services and other household subscriptions.
  • 48% of OTT subscribers feel their home internet service provider adds more value when online video services subscriptions are offered.
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