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U.S. Wireless Industry Spent $35 Billion!

Sept. 16, 2022
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The U.S. wireless industry spent $35 billion! Given that it has invested $121 billion in their networks since 5G launched in 2018, $35 billion is just some spare change, right?

CTIA’s comprehensive annual industry survey reports that 5G networks now cover over 315 million Americans. One-in-three American adults have a 5G device and it’s also the fastest-growing segment of the home broadband market.

Other data from the survey includes:

  • Wireless innovations, applications, and connections, mobile data use has consistently increased year-over-year—and it leapt to 53.4 trillion MBs in 2021.
  • Competition helped keep prices low during a period of rampant inflation. While prices across industries are increasing, the cost of wireless decreased, continuing a 10-year trend that has seen the price of wireless service drop 43% with speeds increasing to 85 times faster.
  • Results again showed increases in wireless data use, cell sites and data-only devices—indicators of the ongoing shift to the 5G Economy. “Wireless is America’s most competitive industry, and that competition continues to spur record levels of investment to build the world’s leading 5G networks,” said Meredith Attwell Baker, CTIA President and CEO. “Wireless competition is also continuing to benefit consumers—pushing wireless prices down and bringing real competition to cable.”

Source: https://www.ctia.org/news/2022-annual-survey-highlights

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