Dog Days 1022 Factoid

Dog Days of DSL

Oct. 7, 2022
Dog Days 1022 Factoid

Point Topic has produced global fixed broadband take-up forecasts by technology. The latest research provides a dataset which features current and historical data as well as forecasts of broadband take-up by DSL, FTTH/P/B, FTTC/VDSL, Cable and other technologies (mostly WiMAX, other wireless and satellite) for the period between Q4 2021 and Q4 2030.

The forecasts, which include data for the top 30 fixed broadband markets and Rest of the World (ROW), are part of their Global Broadband Statistics (GBS) service. They are based on Point Topic’s extensive historical data on fixed broadband take up, the trends in subscriber churn for various broadband technologies, the size of the addressable market at country level, and current and planned network upgrades.


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