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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Nov. 4, 2022

Smart Mirrors are interactive—mirror-like touch displays that provide shoppers in physical stores with an enhanced, online shopping experience and contactless checkout. They can be placed in fitting rooms and other high-traffic, strategic locations.

These products capitalize on the recent trend of hybrid shopping, as consumers are increasingly mixing physical and digital channels. One in four consumers surveyed by IBM shared that hybrid shopping is their preferred method, with 62% of consumers surveyed stating they are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce environmental impact.

 Importantly, Gen Z consumers surveyed were the most likely to be hybrid shoppers. More than 50% of consumers surveyed had already used, or would like to try, tech-enabled touch-points in a physical store environment, according to a report by the IBM Institute for Business Value.

 IBM’s report is titled "Retail Industry Reshapes with Hybrid Cloud and AI to Help Meet Shifting Consumer Shopping and Sustainability Preferences".


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