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Digital Skills Translate to 40% and 65% Higher Salaries?

Jan. 6, 2023

Amazon Web Services and Gallup recently shared results of a study sharing the impact of workers who use intermediate or advanced digital skills on the job.

The study involved 30,000 workers and 3,000 hiring managers across 19 countries. It found employees earn more, are more satisfied with their employment situation, and report greater job security the more digital skills they have.

The study, conducted in August 2022, also shared that self-directed learning, informal training and employer-provided training are more common pathways to learning digital skills than formal schooling. According to the survey; 98% of workers who have taken digital skills training in the past 12 months report at least one positive career benefit. Results also showed that workers who use intermediate or advanced digital skills on the job earn 40% and 65% higher salaries, respectively, than workers at the other extreme who do not use a computer at work. This income premium persists even after accounting for factors such as age, gender, immigration status, and educational attainment.

The importance of employer training is even greater for those with advanced digital skills. Forty-two percent (42%) with that advanced level say they acquired their skills through employer-provided training. This compares with just 24% of workers with basic digital skills.


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