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Israel and Italy Have the Lowest Cost of Mobile Internet; Japan, US, and Switzerland Among the Most Expensive Countries

Jan. 26, 2023

Mobile Internet traffic almost doubled in the last eight years, and today, more than 60% of all website traffic comes from people using mobile devices. But, as the global mobile data coverage gap continues to narrow, the price gap remains wide.

According to data presented by, Israel and Italy have the cheapest mobile Internet in the world, while Japan, the United States, and Switzerland are among the most expensive countries globally.  

US Mobile Data Cost 46x Higher than in Italy, Japan is 9x more Expensive than China.

Many of the cheapest countries have excellent mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure, which allows providers to offer large amounts of data at reasonable prices. In some countries, economic outlooks also dictate the price, which has to remain low so people can afford it.

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