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New CIR Report Predicts Next-generation Optical Transceivers to Generate $12.2 Billion in 2028

Jan. 27, 2023

Communications Industry Researchers (CIR) has issued a new report providing coverage of next generation optical transceivers. Embedding new approaches—such as coherent optics, co-packaged optics, and more efficient designs—next generation transceivers will be better suited to the needs of the network as demand increases and applications become more latency sensitive. According to CIR's new report, next-generation transceivers will generate $12.2 Billion by 2028 compared to $6.0 Billion in 2023.

According to Lawrence Gasman, author of this new study, "Next Generation Transceivers Markets: 2022-2028" and President of CIR, "We are entering exciting new times. In the future, transceivers will no longer be just a transmitter plus receiver with some simple electronics thrown in. Transceivers will become smart modules appropriately designed to simplify network architecture and enable more flexible network configurations." 

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