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Internet Speeds: Being #8 Is Not So Great

May 26, 2023

Why is America behind 7 other countries?

Despite consistently climbing the rankings over the past decade, America still ranks well behind several other countries. Singapore has the fastest median internet speeds in the world, with 235 Mbps, followed by United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 221 and Chile at 220 Mbps. So what are Singapore and Chile doing that we’re not?

For Singapore, it’s mostly a square-footage advantage. Singapore has much less ground to cover at merely 278.6 square miles — about half the size of Los Angeles. As a center of finance in Asia, Singapore’s economy is also highly dependent on a high-functioning digital infrastructure.

According to Fierce Telecom, “Chile’s dominance comes after the country’s government in March 2022 completed construction of a fiber project designed to help connect more than 500,000 users in the southern regions there.”

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