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USB Wall Chargers Demand

June 6, 2023

The global USB wall charger market stands at US$ 1.68 billion in 2023. Worldwide demand for USB wall chargers is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 6.3% and reach a market valuation of US$ 3.09 billion by the end of 2033.

Growth opportunities in the global market are attributed to the rapid penetration of the Internet across regions. Significant consumption of power by several electronic gadgets is also predicted to drive up the demand for USB wall chargers.

Rising demand for laptops, smartphones, and various other electronic devices is predicted to strengthen the reach of USB wall chargers. In addition, USB wall charger cameras have become popular in the past 2 to 5 years. Rising adoption of advanced communication technology along with increasing consumer expenditure capacity on various electronic devices is predicted to fuel demand for USB wall chargers in the coming decade.

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