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SASE Market Surge Expected by 2028

Jan. 30, 2024
Dell'Oro Group publishes SASE and SD-WAN 5-year forecast report.

According to a recently published forecast report from the Dell’Oro Group, the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market is forecasted to surge to over $16 billion by 2028—representing a 12% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) fueled by the rising demand for integrated networking and security solutions tailored for the hybrid work environment. 

The single-vendor SASE segment represents a significant portion of the overall SASE market than multi-vendor SASE solutions and is forecasted to grow at a faster 17% revenue CAGR. This reflects a shift in enterprise preference towards streamlined, one-stop solutions that align with the market's growing emphasis on efficiency and integrated security.

"The SASE market is not just growing; it's transforming how enterprises approach their network and security architecture. As businesses adapt to the new normal of hybrid work and distributed applications, integrating networking and security into a cohesive, cloud-native solution becomes paramount. SASE is not a trend; it's the future of enterprise connectivity and security," said Mauricio Sanchez, Sr. Director, Enterprise Security and Networking at Dell’Oro Group. 

Additional highlights from the SASE and SD-WAN 5-year January 2024 forecast report:

  • The market is expected to witness a significant boost, with projections showing it reaching nearly $10 billion by 2028.
  • The SD-WAN market is set to exceed $6 billion by 2028, influenced by the shift towards SD-WAN-optimized solutions and away from traditional access router solutions.
  • The single-vendor SASE market is forecasted to outperform multi-vendor SASE, with a remarkable revenue CAGR of 17% compared to 9%, as enterprises increasingly prefer one-stop solutions.
  • A notable shift is occurring with a predicted decrease in access router revenue from $2 billion in 2023 to less than $1 billion by 2028 as a result of the transition towards SD-WAN solutions.

CLICK HERE for the full SASE and SD-WAN 5-year forecast report. 

Report source: Dell’Oro Group

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