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EXFO: PXM/LXM Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) MPO Certifier

Aug. 1, 2023
EXFO’s PXM/LXM Optical Loss Test Set helps control OPEX by significantly reducing test time for single and multimode fibers.
Exfo Screenshot Mpo Olts Pxm Lxm 64c539bee0cc3

The PXM/LXM Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) MPO Certifier helps customers reduce operational expenses (OPEX) in multiple ways. The Light source of the set (LXM) is now available for single mode and multimode fibers, making it the solution of choice for the data center environment. The multimode version of the LXM has been highly in demand from customers. 

The most important way it reduces OPEX is speed of test. In a high-density fiber environment, where there are thousands of connectors to test, saving even one second per test makes a huge difference. It helps customers save at least five seconds per test. It is a real game changer.

EXFO cares about the quality of their products, so customers get the most out of their investment—the PXM/LXM comes with EXFO’s field-proven ruggedness.

Learn more by visiting: https://view.genial.ly/62ed1b3493a4b500123c4759

Judge’s Comment: “The test speed is an excellent differentiation vs other product in the market and provides clear labor cost savings for installers—if it is 10 seconds faster than the next best device it saves approximately 1 hour test time on a 3456f in a data center, on each end! The device functionality in a compact form factor together with excellent learning and documentation tools are an added plus. The only thing missing in the application would be customer or market acceptance evidence.”

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