Anritsu Mt1040a Xl E

Anritsu Company: Network Master Pro MT1040A

Aug. 1, 2023
Anritsu’s Network Master Pro’s extremely small transport tester offers a flexible platform for commissioning and troubleshooting Ethernet speeds from 10 Mbps to 400 Gbps.
Anritsu Mt1040a Xl E

The Network Master™ Pro MT1040A transport tester is a single-instrument solution that supports 10G to 400G Ethernet installation and maintenance (I&M). It is the world's smallest class portable 400G analyzer and has a full range of built-in test functions to help lighten mobile operators' workloads. A battery-operated solution, the MT1040A has an easy-to-use GUI with a large 9” touchscreen in a durable housing that can withstand harsh environments.

Network operators are introducing new carrier-class technologies to their Ethernet service menus to meet the growing bandwidth requirements associated with exploding data usage and deployment of 5G. The MT1040A is ideal for commissioning and troubleshooting Ethernet networks at speeds up to 400G, as it can perform connectivity, bandwidth, Quality of Service (QoS), and service-related test functions.

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Judge’s Comment: “This product provides excellent test capabilities. The case study provided was very helpful in understanding the product use.”

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