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A Handheld LTE/5G Network Survey App

Feb. 5, 2024
The company says the app improves the surveying experience with an "all-in-one" lightweight handheld system.

iBwave Solutions, a software provider for in-building wireless network surveys and design, announced last week the integration of 5G into its network survey product to expand existing LTE and P25 capabilities. 

According to an announcement, the enhancement to the iBwave Mobile app aims to offer network professionals "faster, simpler and more cost-effective network survey capabilities literally in the palm of their hands."

According to the company, the product offers simplified surveying, multi-technology network surveys, elimination of post-processing issues, and rapid analysis of active frequencies and interference.

"We understand the challenges in the rapidly evolving wireless landscape for network professionals, especially in the enterprise space," said Kelly Burroughs, Enterprise Solutions Director. "At iBwave, we aim to provide customers with two key elements – flexibility and simplicity. 

"With the integration of the 5G survey module into the iBwave Mobile and Epiq PRiSM scanner solution, we've done just that. Customers can easily add the 5G survey module, enabling them to survey LTE and 5G simultaneously saving time and costs. Additionally, for those in the Public Safety sector, a single scanner now covers P25, LTE, and 5G surveys.'

The company says the app improves the surveying experience with an "all-in-one" handheld system that's lightweight and cost-effective.

You can watch a demo here.



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