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Aug. 1, 2023
3-GIS’s | Web network management solution optimizes workflow and helps expedite time to revenue by helping customers know where their fiber network assets are located and how they interact.

3-GIS is used by companies worldwide to transform how they plan, design, construct, and manage their fiber networks. Their web-based network management solution, 3-GIS | Web, gives customers the tools needed to expedite their time to revenue, create integrity in their data, and inform business decisions throughout their entire enterprise. 3-GIS | Web combines full-editing GIS, light path tracing, project tracking, single-click constructible work packets, and browser access in one system allowing users to not only understand where their fiber network assets are located, but also how they interact.

An extension to 3-GIS | Web, 3-GIS | CAD reduces software overhead and optimizes workflows by providing a built-in CAD interface in the Live cloud-hosted deployment of 3-GIS | Web. By coupling full CAD and GIS support, users can harness the spatial awareness of GIS and the detailed drawing functionalities of CAD for greater insight into, and control over, the network's design and management.

Learn more by visiting: https://www.3-gis.com/

Judge’s Comment: “Very good description of the product. One of the major new uses of fiber is to support 5G small cells. It would be interesting to hear how this product can be integrated to help with having fiber available at small cell deployments.”

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