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VETRO Adds BEAD Process Enhancements to its Broadband Intelligence Software

Sept. 14, 2023
VETRO’s Challenge Portal aims to improve user experience, streamline data management, and allow faster decision-making and reporting.

VETRO, a provider of a cloud-native fiber management platform, introduced new BEAD challenge portal functionality to its Broadband Intelligence Platform (BIP) that aligns with NTIA's guidance to help states meet the December 27 deadline. VETRO hopes to streamline the BEAD program management for state broadband offices, speed up decision-making and streamline reporting requirements.

"NTIA's deadlines are rapidly approaching, and we've noticed that many states are having a tough time figuring out how to handle the challenge process efficiently," explained Charlie Holm, Director of State Broadband at VETRO. “VETRO's Challenge Portal simplifies the compliance process for states and provides an easy way for users to submit challenges, using both an address-based search and a visual map that shows eligible locations. It’s imperative for states to get it right because any missteps could result in missed opportunities for improved broadband access within their communities.”

VETRO's Broadband Intelligence Platform is designed to help states effectively run their subgrantee selection process, aggregate and analyze broadband data, create, prioritize, and visualize funding areas, and engage community stakeholders. Now, with the addition of challenge portal capabilities, VETRO says users can expect an “even better experience.”

Accessibility and User-Experience Upgrades

The Challenge Portal’s map offers a platform for eligible challengers, including nonprofit organizations, local and tribal governments, and broadband service providers, to submit challenges and rebuttals.

Review Process

The Challenge Portal facilitates evidence management, allowing challengers to upload supporting evidence with their challenge. Reviewers can also document justifications directly within the platform, “promoting transparency and maintaining a fair and consistent review process.”

Data Visualization and Collaboration

The software equips state broadband offices with data visualization tools that “streamline the review of challenges and rebuttals.” Stakeholders can securely share information through the platform.

Simplified Reporting

All of the data collected in the Challenge Portal can be exported to help meet the NTIA reporting requirements.

"At VETRO, we continuously strive to deliver solutions that simplify the challenges faced by our valued customers," said Brian Mefford, VP of Strategic Broadband at VETRO. "The addition of challenge portal capabilities to our Broadband Intelligence Platform reinforces our commitment to empowering states with the tools they need to bridge the digital divide and bring reliable high-speed internet access to communities across the US."

To learn more about VETRO’s efforts, you can visit https://vetrofibermap.com/broadband-intelligence/.

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