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Clearfiled vault
Clearfiled vault
Clearfiled vault
Clearfiled vault

Clearfield’s New Fiber Protection Vault for Underground Deployments

Jan. 23, 2024
The new design aims to address shipping costs and supply-chain constraints.

This week, Clearfield announced the availability of its CraftSmart® Fiber Protection Vault, a new design from the company that aims to address supply-chain constraints and improve shipping and inventory space, according to a company announcement.


Clearfield says the design “allows the vaults to be shipped unassembled and flat packed, which enables shipping multiple vaults per pallet, dramatically saving up to 67% off freight, transportation, handling, and storage costs.”


“We have been diligently working to improve our supply chain process so our community broadband customers have the products each need when needed, so they can meet the deadlines and requirements for expanding fiber broadband as part of NTIA BEAD and other federal funding programs,” said Clearfield’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Morgan. “When we decided to bring the design and manufacturing of our new vault in-house, we looked at the opportunity holistically and saw the untapped potential to address the high cost associated with traditional designs by using a fundamentally new approach.”


Clearfield’s new design accepts the Clearfield Passive (PON) and Cross Connect cabinets and the company says it “can be assembled in-field in under five minutes.”


Initial designs offer the 36”x48”x36” High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Thermoplastic vault with two lid options, a split HDPE lid with cut-out for Clearfield pedestals and cabinets, and a solid split HDPE lid for slack cable storage.


“The vault also allows operators to mount Clearfield’s new FiberFirst 12” plastic pedestals on the lid. All tools and materials needed for easy assembly in the field are included with the packaging,” according to the company.


More information can be found on the data sheet, this video and at the company website.

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