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ISE EXPO 2022 Exhibitor News: Jonard Tools OTDR

Aug. 24, 2022
Otdr 1000 0 63061f81a3d56

Powerful and compact, the Jonard Tools Multi-Function OTDR (OTDR-1000) is the perfect handheld device for evaluating FTTx. This OTDR also identifies breakpoints, measures cable length, and calculates relative optical power losses. The OTDR features a 3.5-inch color LCD screen and includes 8 different functions for testing and evaluating fiber and network cables.

Jonard Tools is exhibiting at ISE EXPO 2022 taking place in Denver, Colorado, August 24-25. See them at Booth 827 and visit https://jonard.com/otdr-1000-otdr-fiber-optic-reflectometer-vfl-opm-ols-event-map-more?v=1060

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