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Loud Ringing with Visual Ring Indication – Viking Model SRL-1

Oct. 25, 2022
Srl 1 63518fc0e6451

Viking Electronics introduces the SRL-1, a single line loud ringer with built in LEDs. Quickly notify employees of incoming calls and visitors with four traditional ringing sounds and doorbell tones, while also flashing the built-in LEDs for added visibility.

The SRL-1 will generate loud ringing and bright flashing LEDs from an analog ringing line or from a dry contact closure. There are 4 different ringing sounds to choose from. The loud ringing is easily adjusted and a test button is included to check the volume.

The SRL-1’s unique sounding rings are useful for employees that often work away from their desks, allowing them to instantly recognize when their phone is ringing. A second set of contact inputs will trigger a door chime (doorbell) sound. This can be used to notify that a door has opened or used as a doorbell or push for assistance button.

The SRL-1 comes complete with a power supply and connections for an optional external speaker.

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