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Pioneer Consulting Assists Unidata in Development of Unitirreno Submarine Cable System

Nov. 15, 2022

Pioneer Consulting, the full-service submarine fiber optic telecommunications consulting and project management company, announces it has assisted Unidataan operator of telecommunications, cloud and IoT services, in the development of its Unitirreno submarine cable in Italy, the first 24-fiber-pair open cable system in the Mediterranean region.  

Drawing upon its multidisciplinary and collaborative core team, Pioneer Consulting provided support for the project in its initial development phases, including determining Unitirreno's cable design, while also assisting in its business case review, price estimates, financial model review, procurement process, supply and installation contract package formation, and negotiation to align with Unidata’s connectivity and capacity objectives. Pioneer is working alongside Alcatel Submarine Networks and Orange Marine / Elettra, which have been appointed to perform cable construction.     

The Unitirreno submarine cable system will facilitate and secure interconnectivity between all international cable systems originating in Africa, Middle East, and Asia, with the main European data destinations/hubs.

Once completed, the Unitirreno submarine cable system will offer a minimum of 480 Tbps of total capacity on the trunk cable and a minimum of 320 Tbps on the Fiumicino branch. This project includes the use of advanced fiber optic technology and utilizes an open cable system design.

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