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You Are What You Speak

Nov. 30, 2022

Call for ISE EXPO 2023 Speakers

Building your professional brand is not just for social media “influencers”. It may seem low on your list of priorities but doing it the right way can help juice your career more than you know.

And… you don’t have to go viral on TikTok, use a selfie-stick or learn the latest dance moves. You simply need to share what you already know via a potent event like ISE EXPO 2023.

Need more coaxing?

Below are 3 reasons you should speak at ISE EXPO 2023 and let our team help showcase your super smart brain and dynamic leadership to 24K readers and 2K+ potential attendees:

  • Reason 1: It’s a win/win for you and the attendees. You learn your customers’ pain points and true needs. You teach them valuable strategies to do their job better. They ask questions and YOU help solve their problems. Can you say intimate and powerful focus group?
  • Reason 2: You can sell your product without selling your product. Sharing educational content and leaving the dog and pony show at home CAN help fill your sales pipeline. By providing immense value to the audience, attendees will remember the name of your company and want to pick your brain after your stellar presentation.
  • Reason 3: What goes around comes around. Providing value, listening, and learning about others’ needs is the secret sauce to grow your professional brand over the long-term. Sure, it’s not as splashy as a TikTok video, but it’s a lot better than trying to master the latest dance moves, right?

You don’t need any more reasons to submit a call to speak at ISE EXPO 2023. Your professional reputation is already calling you to get it done. Simply CLICK HERE and complete the form by February 15, 2023.

When your presentation is accepted, our team will splash your name, title, bio and company across the industry as we market you to our 24K readers and attendees over the next 9 months.

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