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IQGeo Launches New Software Programs for Design and Engineering Firms

May 7, 2024
Company says they are responding to demand for fully certified partners.

IQGeo, a geospatial software developer, announced that it has launched two partner programs that give fiber design and engineering companies a process to become trained and certified on IQGeo’s software.

The Certified Design Partner program provides partners with IQGeo’s Network Manager Telecom software, onboarding and annual refresher training, technical support, and access to marketing. Network Manager Telecom software is intended to help broadband companies work in unison with their fiber planning contractors.

The IQGeo software “enables partners to work in the same extended customer instance in their offices and in the field. This eliminates file transfers and manual updates, increasing design speed and accelerating payment timetables for contractors,” according to a press release provided to ISE.

The Certified Automated Planning & Design Partner program provides partners with IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber automated planning and design software and is intended for fiber engineering companies providing design services for larger FTTH deployments that can use an automated software strategy to create designs.

IQGeo says the Comsof Fiber software “improves designer productivity, cutting design times by up to 90%, and fiber architecture design consistency and optimization afforded by design automation can cut construction costs by up to 10%.”

“IQGeo has a rapidly growing broadband customer base across the globe and many of them outsource fiber network planning and design work to 3rd party service providers,” explains Jay Cadman, Senior Vice President at IQGeo.

“We launched these two new design partner programs as a direct response to market demand. Our customers want the option to work with fully certified partners that are skilled in our software, and the engineering community has been asking for a cost-effective and fully supported program to differentiate their design services. As our market share continues to grow, we are constantly expanding our ecosystem to provide our customers and partners with complete solutions to plan, build, sell, and operate their networks.”

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