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Telecom Top 5 Episode 15: All-Photonics Networks and Verizon Gets a New Logo

June 28, 2024
Joe talks about Verizon's new logo, all-photonics networks, and more.

Your telecom news update for the week ending 6/28/24. Joe talks about Verizon's new logo, all-photonics networks, and more. If you have a news tip, or any other comments, email me at [email protected].

About Telecom Top 5

Telecom Top 5 is a weekly telecom news update for telecom professionals from ISE Magazine, delivering the most pressing recent developments in broadband, fiber optic, wireless, 5G, network engineering, BEAD, cloud and virtual networks, legislation, and much more. Tune in each week for a rapid news update that covers the week in telecommunications. Your host, Joe Gillard, is Executive Editor of ISE Magazine, a print and online publication for telecom professionals. In this podcast, Joe will curate the latest breaking stories, industry trends, research, and tech innovations and summarize it for you in a digestible format. Occasionally, Joe will also feature interviews with industry professionals who can add color, context, and industry knowledge to what’s going on and how it affects you and your colleagues. Telecom Top 5 hopes to save you time by allowing you to soak in the telecom news you need to know quickly, whether you’re in the car, at the office, or taking a walk.

About the Author

Joe Gillard | Executive Editor

Joe Gillard is a media professional with over 10 years of experience writing, editing, and managing the editorial process across a spectrum of innovative industries. Joe strives to deliver the best possible editorial product by focusing on the needs of the audience, utilizing the data available, and collaborating with a talented team.