InvisiLight® Solution for Deploying Fiber

April 2, 2022
The InvisiLight MDU Solution is a fast and easy way to deploy fiber in buildings to pass living units or offices and is virtually invisible to the eye to increase […]

The InvisiLight MDU Solution is a fast and easy way to deploy fiber in buildings to pass living units or offices and is virtually invisible to the eye to increase acceptance by building owners and tenants. The InvisiLight MDU cord can be installed in risers and hallways to eliminate the need for floor enclosures. The InvisiLight ILU Solution (sold separately), can be deployed to connect subscribers from the hallway to the ONT inside the living unit or office.


The Compact Point-of-Entry (POE) Module and Standard POE Module serve as the transition point between the building hallway and the customer living unit. Following an installation survey, the installer mounts this module on the exterior wall of each living unit. A Fusion splice-on connector (SOC) , fusion-spliced pigtail, or mechanical connector is used to connect the InvisiLight Multifiber Unit to the plug-and-play InvisiLight Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solution.


  • Serves as transition from InvisiLight MDU Cord to InvisiLight ILU Optical Fiber in the unit
  • Accommodates one internal optical adapter (SC or LC footprint) and two fusion splices
  • Slots on each side allow MDU Cord entry and exit from the top of the module
  • InvisiLight ILU Optical Fiber transitions into the living unit through an access point in the base of the module
  • Adapter can be mounted in three different positions to accommodate various sizes of connector boots
  • Accommodates splice protectors (40 mm)
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John George, Senior Director, Solutions and Professional Services, OFS
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