RDOF: Bridging the Rural Digital Divide

July 31, 2022
UCL Swift All-In-One fusion splicers enable technicians to perform the 5 major functions in one unit, enhancing their RDOF capabilities.

As part of the funding approach RDOF, managed by the FCC, providers who can provide networks with faster download and upload speeds, and lower levels of latency are given priority in the auction process. This specification requirement by the FCC naturally makes fiber optic networks a solid choice for providers to install and integrate. This functional drive toward fiber optic broadband deployments has pushed providers and electrical coops to upgrade existing technology used to deploy fiber including equipment, training, and overall specification expertise.

To aid in this rural development of fiber optic services, UCL Swift offers the All-In-One Fusion Splicer. Not only does this compact piece of fiber optic equipment provide all 5 splicing functions in one unit, it also ensures superior performance and reliable bandwidth specifications. Additionally, the All-In-One fusion splicers are so easy to use, making the learning curve for installers who are used to low-voltage and electrical installs, able to quickly get up to speed on fiber optic splicing and broadband applications.

See how UCL Swift North America can help you with RDOF bidding and provide broadband network expertise to your submittal with the Swift Difference.

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