Unlocking the Multi-Gigabit Edge: Adtran Fiber Access Platforms

Oct. 1, 2022

Today's network architectures have barely changed in the past two decades. Networks continue growing at unprecedented rates forcing service providers of all sizes to make significant network investments to remain ahead of the bandwidth consumption curve. Do service providers have the right equipment to adequately scale their network and be the fastest internet provider around?

The key to winning the multi-gigabit services battle and building customer loyalty is delivering a simple, intuitive broadband experience with Adtran Fiber Access Solutions. Adtran’s AI-driven, 10G PON technology combined with a hybrid leaf-spine architecture allows service providers to deploy internet services at record-breaking speeds thanks to Mosaic Cloud Platform, a management and domain orchestrator. Automating network provisioning enables service providers to rapidly scale their networks and deploy services in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

With automation, service providers are given the opportunity to thrive competitively and deliver attractive, high-value internet services without compromising sustainability and keeping a minimal footprint with an optimized rack-and-stack approach.

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