SLACKLOOP® In-Span Cable Storage Systems

March 1, 2023
PLP SLACKLOOP® Cable Storage Systems are designed to store slack fiber optic cables within the span. SLACKLOOP are available in all-dielectric, UV-resistant plastic or black powder-coated aluminum. The storage brackets can accommodate a range of cable sizes for buffer-tube-style ADSS and lashed messenger cable systems, as well as conventional and high-density ribbon-style cables. Kits include aerial mounting brackets for ADSS or Messenger, and cable protection options for pole passing are available.
• Neatly organizes cable storage within the span
• Multiple sizes to cover a wide range of cable loop diameters
• ADSS kit includes a press-in plastic cushion to prevent cable abrasion at the hanger-bracket interface
• Available with optional Abrasion Protectors or the Uni-Group Cable Guide to protect slack cable that passes the pole
• Low-profile Uni-Group Cable Guide routes cables through congested areas on the pole or structure
• Vertical stacking of multiple cables provides large storage capacity in a small profile
• Includes hanger brackets for aerial mounting that have a simple one bolt and lock nut attachment
• Closure mounting bracket kits available for instances when SLACKLOOP is being used to store slack cable for butt splice closure applications
• Armor Rods are offered for ADSS cable protection when the closure is mounted further into the span beyond the dead-end
– Cable Abrasion Protectors
  • 8" polyethylene splice sleeves secured with two plastic straps
  • Two sizes: diameters up to 0.500" and 0.501”–1.00"
– Uni-Group Cable Guide (UCG)
  • Captures up to five 1.00" diameter cables with a 4.25" pole space
  • Can be banded with 3/4" banding
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