Smarter Testing with Smart Access Anywhere

March 31, 2023

VIAVI Smart Access Anywhere gives you secure, remote access to field instruments, enabling centralized support, on-demand testing, and live results analysis. So you can support and coach technicians in the field – improving first time install/activation rates while reducing repeat visits and minimizing time-on-site.

Supporting techs in the field is a key element to improving many aspects of your business operations. The challenge has always been how to do this quickly, securely, in real time, and “right the first time,” helping you avoid costly site revisits due to incomplete certification/testing. This applies equally to new techs who are learning and gaining experience as well as experienced techs who come up against those tougher, more complex tasks.

Smart Access Anywhere allows secure, remote assistance for field techs directly on their instruments from a product or technical specialist in another location, including a central office or even another job site. With Smart Access Anywhere users can:

  • Maximize experts’ time to remotely coach less experienced personnel in the field
  • Remotely control instruments minimizing time spent inside customer premises
  • Access remote instruments without driving out to their location

Using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, Smart Access Anywhere allows you to remotely control an instrument to verify correct instrument/test configuration and to launch, view, and analyze results in real time.

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