Hexatronic and CloudWyze Deliver High-Speed Broadband to the Carolinas

June 13, 2023

Hexatronic provided CloudWyze with a complete end-to-end passive fiber optic systems for fiber to the home (FTTH) build throughout the Carolinas. This partnership is an important milestone for Hexatronic as it serves to strengthen their position as a leader in providing fiber infrastructure FTTH installations within the U.S.

“Our mission at CloudWyze is to bridge the digital divide we see across America,” states Marty McDermott, Chief Operating Office for CloudWyze. “One of the things learned from COVID is that some of these smaller communities where kids had to do e-learning and when offices and warehouses had to shut down, they did not have the infrastructure in place to do the necessary remote work. We decided to speed up the deployment to ensure that these towns would have the necessary broadband technologies, so that they could compete with the larger cities and keep their residents connected to the world,” he adds.

Hexatronic (www.hexatronic.com) is a leading global supplier of all passive fiber optic infrastructure components, which employs a complete air blown fiber system versus traditional fiber optic cabling. Using micro cabling systems for access networks better utilizes appropriated funding by reducing CAPEX and OPEX, and at the same time significantly reduces the impact on the environment. Blown fiber micro cabling technology is quickly becoming the preferred system solution for access networks based on bandwidth requirements, speed of deployment, network flexibility, future scalability, and of course, the lowest total cost of ownership. When compared to traditional fiber cabling, micro cabling systems provide a much higher return on investment (ROI) due to a reduction in material costs, as well as the overall lower cost in labor capitalized by a drastic reduction in installation time.

This video reveals the challenges faced by CloudWyze to deploy widespread broadband services including meeting customer demands aswell as tight timetables, especially during a material shortage. "We were introduced to Hexatronic and at first, I wasn't comfortable with microfiber because I never used it," stated Kyle Lefelhoc, vice president of outside plant for CloudWyze. “But the Hexatronic team actually walked us through everything, showed us the product and built the comfort level up, especially after looking through the schematics and the different technology,” he admitted. “They saw our vision and were one of the very few that could meet our aggressive timelines,” added McDermott. In the video, they admit that the standout difference between Hexatronic and traditional fiber is that Hexatronic is more conduit-based versus just strand (count) based for fiber. From an engineering standpoint, the concept is to build the ductwork to all locations,which makes it scalable at any level so you can put as much fiber, as needed, in each of those ducts. With the micro ducting process, Hexatronic has proven to future-proof their builds and has become their main fiber platform.

CloudWyze, which started as a managed service company, and then ventured into fixed wireless broadband has become a leading service provider and communications infrastructure company

focused on providing fiber optic communications in the eastern part of the Carolinas and expanding throughout the entire state. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, NC: www.cloudwyze.com