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June 30, 2023

Gateway Fiber is a locally-owned and operated internet service provider, based in Wright City, MO. The company’s mission is to positively impact rural communities through access to better broadband services. Not only does Gateway Fiber provide residential fiber internet services, but they also supply critical commercial broadband services - allowing businesses to compete on the same level playing field as their urban counterparts.

Ask Adam Weber, CEO at Weber Tactical, just how Gateway Fiber has positively impacted their business capabilities.

Elevating Internet Access In Rural Missouri Communities

Gateway Fiber has an aggressive growth plan that includes breaking down digital barriers to create a future where distance has no limitations. With a dedication to their rural community base, Gateway Fiber understands that every business has unique needs. And every home deserves the same powerful access to high-speed internet as the next. That’s why their team of experts work closely with client’s to tailor solutions to fit a specific requirement.

“We put our customers first,” explains Heath Sellenriek, Co-Founder & CEO of Gateway Fiber, “We understand the needs of the community and deliver tailored solutions with unwavering dedication. We saw a need in this area for better service, so that was the genesis for Gateway Fiber.”
From initial communications to installation, Gateway Fiber values the relationships they build and are committed to providing unparalleled support.
Gateway Fiber understands the importance of transparency and keeping future customers well-informed throughout the broadband expansion process. Gateway Fiber provides future customers with awareness communications and timeline updates, to ensure every subscriber is aware of progress being made in the pursuit of bringing high-speed internet to their doorstep. The commitment to clear communication sets Gateway Fiber apart and assists with rapid adoption of anyone eagerly anticipating the arrival of broadband services in surrounding rural communities. 

Bridging Underserved Communities

Gateway Fiber has been the link between Missouri metropolitan areas and surrounding rural communities, providing 1 Gig internet speeds - the current gold standard in most major metro areas. With tireless dedication to the mission, Gateway Fiber has yielded remarkable results in bridging the digital divide. Through their unwavering commitment and successful grant applications, Gateway Fiber has secured significant funding to drive their purpose forward.  

In 2022, the company was awarded an impressive $25.4 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program and an additional $10 Million from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). With these substantial grants, Gateway Fiber is poised to expand rural broadband coverage to nearly 10,000 underserved homes and businesses across four Missouri counties encompassing multiple cities. This latest endeavor solidifies Gateway Fiber’s position as a generational business, particularly as they join forces with Millennium to bring fiber-optic broadband to the people.

Transformation: A Pivotal Collaboration with Millennium

Gateway Fiber and Millennium represent an alliance built on shared values and a mutual commitment to delivering connectivity in underserved areas. Leveraging Millennium’s ecosystem of broadband network solutions and Gateways Fiber’s rooted experience in rural broadband deployment, this partnership is expanding the reach of high-speed internet to communities that have long yearned for reliable connectivity. This joint effort ensures homes and businesses in rural areas can now access the same level of internet speeds and capabilities as their urban counterparts, opening doors to enhanced education, economic opportunities, and social connection. 

“We are interested in doing the right thing with the right people, for the good of communities,” explains MO Market Sales Manager, Bill Vague, from Millennium.

Millennium not only addresses current network operation needs of client partners, like Gateway Fiber, but also assists in laying a foundation of solutions to create a lasting impact in communities across America.  

Gateway Fiber’s partnership with Millennium has catapulted them to the forefront of rural connectivity. Through their strategic collaboration, they are revolutionizing the broadband landscape, expanding reach, enhancing customer experiences and shaping the future of digital inclusion. As they continue their shared journey, the transformative power of their collaboration will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy in the lives of the rural communities they serve. 

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