Sticklers™ Pro 360™ Touchless Cleaner

Sept. 29, 2023
Sticklers™ groundbreaking Pro 360™ Touchless Cleaner is the future of high-performance fiber optic end face cleaning and is unlike anything in the industry.

Rick Hoffman discusses Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner with Patrick McLaughlin, Editorial Director for Endeavor Business Media's Digital Infrastructure Group, while showcasing the product at ISE EXPO 2023.

The touchless cleaner is the future of high-performance fiber optic end face cleaning. Unlike anything else in the industry, this groundbreaking end face cleaner stands out for its ability to quickly and completely clean oils and dust across the entire end face of both male and female connector ends, with just the push of the connector cleaner handset. 

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Rick Hoffman is Commercial Sales Manager for MicroCare and the Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaning products. He has been in the electronics and fiber optic industries for more than 25 years. He is an expert in cleaning-related products that are used on a daily basis in fiber network installation and maintenance.