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Digital Nomads Matter

Aug. 22, 2022
What’s a Digital Nomad and why should you care? Four letters: ARPU.

There are 10.2 million American Digital Nomads (DNs) in the US according to recent estimates. And those DNs aren’t heading home anytime soon.

Why should you care? Because the average DN may be a great target for recurring revenue since almost 45% earn about $75,000 a year. And, of course, they need mobile bandwidth for their work-from-anywhere (WFH) lifestyles.

What do they do for a living? About 70% of them work full-time while the other 30% are part-time employees. Their top career choices include:

  • IT: 19%
  • Creative services: 10%
  • Education and training: 9%
  • Consulting, coaching, and research: 8%
  • Sales, marketing, and PR: 8%
  • Finance and accounting: 8%

Not surprisingly, nearly 85% of these digital nomads are satisfied or highly satisfied with their work. Not a bad gig, eh?

But, to maintain their blissful WFA life, they need Internet access. LOTS of it! You see, they’re NOT slugs. They work about 46 hours a week on average and 76% of them rely on technology to gain a competitive advantage in their profession.

That’s why reliable Internet is at the top of their list when choosing accommodations for their nomadic lifestyles. Whether it’s staying in hotels, with friends or family or elsewhere, they demand the services you sell. (See Figure 1.)

Stats also show that what may be good for you is their inability to disconnect from work. (See Figure 2.)

What does all this mean? It’s not brain surgery. Remember to deliver on your mobile bandwidth promises so they remember to deliver ARPU to you.


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