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A retrospective: How a Tier 1 communications service provider accelerated deployment by 10x

May 24, 2023
Measuring the costs and benefits of digital transformation at every stage of deployment migration

How can a service provider overcome siloed and inaccessible data to speed up fiber deployment?

Leveraging a systematic approach for real-time data management of physical network assets can not only transform the data collection process but alleviate many of the struggles associated with inaccurate and incomplete data. Building a method of collaborative applications to create the accurate, immediate data needed throughout the enterprise helped solve three primary problems associated with the status quo of network management:     

    1. Inaccurate data

    2. Lag time between open for sale and marketing

    3. Siloed information

Inside this eBook you will learn about:

  • What it takes to make the change
  • The value of building a single system of record with real-time data management
  • Choosing a technology partner
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