The Chattiest States in America for Phone Usage, Email, and Traditional Mail


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Didja know: On average, women spend 50 minutes per day communicating, while men spend only 37. For women, that totals over 304 hours a year — a.k.a. enough time to fly around the world 6 times.

As technology continues to advance, it seems that there are fewer and fewer reasons to actually make or accept a phone call. However, our latest data reveals that people still use the telephone (and other traditional communication methods) on a regular basis. 

So how much time do Americans spend actually talking on the phone in their free time? According to our report on The Chattiest States in America, on average, people talk on the phone for 45 min and 36 seconds every day in their spare time.

The chattiest states in America

Here are some more facts from our report:
On average, Americans talk for over 5 hours a week on the phone. 

At nearly 59 minutes per day, Nebraskans are on the phone the longest of any other state, while New Hampshire residents, clocking in at 33 minutes per day, chat the least amount of time on the phone.

States with hotter climates are most likely to spend more time on the phone than states with cooler climates.

Utah, Idaho, Montana, and New Hampshire spent the least amount of time on the phone. Perhaps it’s the lure of the mountains and the small-town lifestyle that keep people in these states off their phones.

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