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Lumen First to Receive Wi-Fi 7 Certification for its Devices

Jan. 8, 2024
The two devices certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance are a desk or wall mount device and a wall plug-in device.

Lumen Technologies is the first company to receive WiFi 7 certifications for two wireless devices from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The devices were designed for Lumen’s Quantum Fiber product serving residential and business customers to achieve “faster speeds and better coverage than W-F- 6/6E,” according to a press release.

The two devices certified are a desk or wall mount device and a wall plug-in device that extends the Wi-Fi 7 coverage throughout larger areas of the home or business.

"We are proud that our Wi-Fi 7 devices are the first certified by Wi-Fi Alliance," said Maxine Moreau, Lumen president of Mass Markets. "Our Wi-Fi 7 devices offer faster speeds than Wi-Fi 6/6E, low latency, and amazing coverage allowing users to enjoy the next generation of Wi-Fi applications and services."

Lumen's Quantum Fiber Wi-Fi 7 device is an FCC 6GHz Standard Power (6SD) class device. The 6SD equipment class enables higher transmit power for increased data throughput, and With the 6GHz channel and the higher power setting, the device allows up to 8 gigabits per second.

Both devices also support cloud-based Digital Twin technology and use the carrier grade OpenWRT standard with Wi-Fi EasyMesh™.

The Wi-Fi-7 device is intended to also allow use of bandwidth-intensive applications like 8K video streaming, cloud gaming, virtual reality, and large multimedia file transfers.

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