The Un-Comfort Zone

Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is an innovation/change speaker, author, and consultant. He works with companies that want to be more competitive through innovation and with people who want to think more creatively. Rob is the author of ...and Never Coming Back, a psychological mystery-novel about a motion picture director; the inspirational book: Wisdom in the Weirdest Places; and The Annoying Ghost Kid, a humorous children’s book about dealing with a bully.

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The Un-Comfort Zone

It’s the Information Age

May 1, 2022
Scrutinizing skullduggery, artifice, and malarkey, is easier than ever.

Here’s the Real Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals

April 1, 2022
These tips will help you with your fear of success. […]

Situational Awareness For Safety, Creativity, and Truth

Feb. 1, 2022
Expanding your perception beyond what’s in front of you. […]

Everything Has A Story

Dec. 1, 2021
Look around you, there are objects everywhere and each one of them has a story. Are they interesting stories? Well, that depends on how you tell them. 1. There’s a […]



What Secrets Will Your Closet Tell?

Oct. 1, 2021
Consider: through the years, shoes have become a popular metaphor and storyline, perhaps because they enable you to travel farther than you could without them. What Secrets Will...
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FEAR: Lifesaver or Manipulator

July 1, 2021
I was shocked to see that I had to walk through a maze of stacked pallets in order to enter the store. Then I saw a man spraying the shopping […]

Is Everyone a Hero Now?

June 1, 2021
When I was a kid, I loved to read the stories in Boys’ Life magazine about Boy Scouts who had saved a life and earned the Lifesaving medal. A True […]

There Is No Such Thing As Greed

May 1, 2021
Three-and-a-half years ago, in this column, I wrote an article titled: There’s No Such Thing as Being Stubborn. It has been one of my most controversial works, and most read. ...

Narcissists Prefer Dogs, Codependents Cats

April 1, 2021
Narcissists prefer dogs. Think about it — it just makes sense! Many narcissists like to be the center of attention. A dog will always make the master its primary focus. […]