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Gamgee's New Home Alarm System

Oct. 25, 2023
Home alarm Wi-Fi sensing levels-up ISPs’ smart home security offering.

Internet service providers can arm their customers with greater home security measures thanks to a new home alarm solution launched for market testing by Gamgee. Blending Wi-Fi sensing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the new solution intelligently detects and differentiates between family members, pets, guests and intruders in the home.

With no cameras, sensors or extra equipment needed, the home Wi-Fi network acts as a protective radar for the customer and provides real-time security alerts. The system can constantly adapt to the environment and uses electromagnetic waves to provide full coverage of the home with no blind spots, even through walls and in darkness.

Mesh networks and routers that are already Gamgee compatible can be upgraded seamlessly, avoiding the need for new hardware such as routers and additional chipsets to be purchased. Users can manage their home network with user-friendly mobile control on the app’s intuitive centralized digital home management panel.

Gamgee is calling for service providers to be part of extensive market testing of the home alarm system. Service providers can offer customers a free trial of the home alarm system if they have or acquire a Wi-Fi mesh network.

The product is set to launch later this year and Gamgee is actively seeking supporters to join its mission in redefining home security. To delve deeper into the innovative smart home alarm system, visit:

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