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How to Keep Productivity Going While WFH

July 1, 2021
Remote working and telecommuting are becoming profoundly popular industry trends in 2021. There is every reason for this culture to enjoy such acceptance, for it is beneficial for employers and […]

Remote working and telecommuting are becoming profoundly popular industry trends in 2021. There is every reason for this culture to enjoy such acceptance, for it is beneficial for employers and employees. It seems like telecommuting is the future of working style across all industries, given the brilliance of technological innovations. To substantiate, predictions from Blueface state that by the end of 2025, remote working would have emerged as a strong rival to inhouse working. To add, as per insights from Workplace Futures, more than 80% of employees opine that they do not need an office to be productive. This indicates that people are content and pleased to be working from home. Besides, they do not see remote working as a hindering factor affecting their work efficiency. 

However, for some employers and employees, productivity during remote work is a key concern. It is human tendency to feel lethargic while working from the tender comfort of home. Besides, one cannot turn down the fact that you are surrounded by a host of distractions while working from home. You must find ways to keep your work efficiency going incessantly when you work in a virtual office. How can you preserve your productivity in the best way when you work from home? In case you are wondering why it is essential to do so, you should know the answer already! Your commitment and work efficiency will define the pace of your professional success. In the corporate scenario, you need to prove your worth every day. You have to perform daily to remain the blue-eyed boy of your boss. Hence, without much ado, let us shed light on the various ways in which you can look after your productivity during remote work. 

Ways to remain top-notch productive while working remotely 

1. Realize the power of routine

According to a recent survey by Gartner, you will be amused to know that the future of remote work seems bright. It is expected that more than two-thirds of the organizations will shift their employees to permanent remote work after the pandemic. That may be great news for all employees, but keeping their productivity intact will be a significant challenge. In such a scenario, realizing the power of following an organized daily routine can best solve the issue. When you work remotely, you tend to take unnecessary relaxations in beginning tasks. You begin to take needless breaks and keep interrupting your work with distractions. This is where your productivity becomes vulnerable and may start declining. 

To avert this, you need to follow a proper routine when you work from the office. It is essential to start with a robust morning regime and give a bright start to your day. It should not be like you are waking up five minutes before the time when you have to log in for work. Irrespective of whether you have to go to the office or not, you ought to follow a consistent daily routine. Besides, this also includes dressing up for work every day like you would when you have to visit your office; how you dress up impacts your mood and spirits, further affecting your productivity. Your typical workday routine will also be incomplete without your coffee breaks. Remember to keep fueling yourself with coffee as you would do at the office. Before you start your workday, the bottom line is to get everything in order like a usual office day. 

2. Find the best-suited workstation

After you brilliantly begin your morning, the second thing is to find the best place to work. Your workstation is going to have an impact on your productivity for sure. You need to find a desk to work which is far from the usual commotion of the house. Moreover, it should have sufficient space to organize all your equipment and have a charger point in proximity. Working from the couch or while lying down in bed may seem a pleasant idea. However, neither is that a good idea for your health nor your work efficiency. Doing that will make you feel lazy and will affect your regular productivity patterns. 

It is noteworthy that the American Posture Institute draws a significant correlation between posture and productivity. It states that your posture can have a significant impact on wholesome productivity. Besides, posture and body language also affect the energy levels and hormone release in humans. Therefore, it is crucial to find a workstation similar to your office desk where you work with undivided attention. To add, you should keep a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated. Keep things well-organized at your workstation to have every essential item next to you when you engage yourself in work. If you do not have the ideal workstation for remote work already, getting one will be a great idea. Remote working opportunities are expanding with each passing day. As stated above, the future belongs to telecommuting. Setting up a home office equipped with all essentials would hence be a great idea. 

3. Keep indoor plants 

This is the most hassle-free and inexpensive way of keeping your work efficiency in check. After setting up your home workstation in a proficient way, make some space for an indoor plant or two. As cited in research by the University of Exeter, keeping plants in the surroundings can enhance productivity by 15 percent. Another research by the University of Technology, Sydney, claims that plants can reduce stress by 37 percent. Further, indoor plants can bring down the feeling of gloominess and sadness by 58 percent. As you can see, the claim to keep indoor plants for work efficiency is scientifically proven. Not only do plants enhance efficiency and reduce stress, but they also promote positive moods. 

There is more to the presence of plants in your vicinity. If you are a graphic designer, content writer, or any other professional in the creative field, plants can keep your creativity going. A Human Spaces report indicates that workers can augment their creativity by 15 percent if they work around plants. After all these assertions and proven facts, your workstation deserves a tiny indoor plant for sure. 

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4. Avoid complete isolation

Working from remote locations in a prolonged manner and lack of human interaction can make your mental health vulnerable. Subsequently, the deterioration in mental health can lead to mental disorders and diminish work efficiency. It is essential that even while working from home, you interact with your colleagues, synchronize your breaks with them and share some light moments. It is recommended that you keep socializing in your free time to battle the loneliness and anxieties that the lack of real human interaction may trigger. Besides your colleagues, you should also take out time to have meaningful conversations with your family and friends. 

You should go out in your breaks or after your working hours for a jog or walk in addition to the above. While working in isolation, a person becomes prone to stress and the related outcomes of it. But when you find ways to keep your stress at bay, you can perform with greater zeal and focus when you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Even if your professional life has been overhauled to be virtual, at least in your personal life, you should meet people and go out with them. 

5. Make notes 

It becomes essential to note down all the crucial details and the minutes of the meeting in remote working. Unlike the usual office environment, the chances to seek clarifications will be less in remote working. You should develop the habit of making your notes to ensure all tasks are met and feedback is incorporated. You can either make written notes, or you can use your gadgets to do so. It is a known fact that we humans are susceptible to making errors. But when you note down every important detail, you negate the chances of erring. Also, if you are a manager or a top executive, documenting everything will enable you to keep a clear track of every employee’s progress. Your management and organization become better when you start making notes. 

To sum up, it will be no surprise if remote working becomes a permanent phenomenon in years to come. The trends mentioned earlier do indicate the possibility of that happening for real. Also, a survey carried out by Enterprise Technology Research proves that the productivity associated with remote working is decent enough. If you think you need to do more to bring out the best work efficiency while working from home, the above suggestions can help you reap positive results. By maintaining a constructive routine, managing distractions, and having an organized workstation, you can ensure maximum productivity in remote work. 

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