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Nov. 1, 2020
Why It Matters and How to Achieve It —  Employee engagement is the talk of the business world. Every organization strives to achieve it. But why is it so? This […]

Why It Matters and How to Achieve It — 

Employee engagement is the talk of the business world. Every organization strives to achieve it. But why is it so? This is a common question. If you also ponder over the same question at times, this blog is for you. Here, we are going to explore why employee engagement enjoys such a stature in the business world. Afterward, we’ll also discuss some practical ways to achieve employee engagement.

5 Reasons why employee engagement is important

1. Employee engagement is a productivity booster:
Do you aspire to have a productive workforce? The obvious answer is a ‘yes.’ Employee engagement can help you to fulfill your aspiration. According to the Harvard Business Review, employee engagement leads to 22% higher productivity. Isn’t it amazing? So, this gives us an important reason why employee engagement is the talk of the business world.

2. Employee engagement escalates profitability:
According to a report presented by Gallup, employee engagement enhances profitability by 21%. This implies that it can help your organization achieve one of its most important goals (i.e., to make profits). Thus, employee engagement is crucial for your organization’s success.

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3. Employee engagement drops turnover:
No organization wishes to have high employee turnover. Losing a single employee is a huge loss for an organization. The replacement requires you to conduct a new recruitment process. After recruitment, the new employee needs proper training to understand the respective work. Even after getting trained, he needs some time to match the work efficiency of your old employee. Thus, employee turnover eats away your organization’s productivity.

This makes it essential for you to reduce it through employee retention. Further, according to Gallup, employee engagement reduces turnover by 59%. Isn’t it amazing? So, this gives you another reason why employee engagement is essential.

4. Employee engagement gives competitive advantage:
Do you aspire to stay ahead of your competitors? The obvious answer is a big ‘yes.’ If so, employee engagement is a must for your organization. This is because organizations with engaged employees outperform those with low engagement by 202%. Business2community has highlighted this surprising finding. So, employee engagement is crucial for your organization to beat its competitors.

5. Employee engagement promotes customer satisfaction:
Customers are the lifelines of an organization. As a result, you need to ensure customer satisfaction. Although this task is challenging, employee engagement makes it a little easier. According to the Demand Metric 2013 employee engagement survey, organizations with more than 50% employee engagement, retain more than 80% of their customers. Engaged employees work with dedication and give their best to earn loyal customers. Thus, employee engagement is vital to promote customer satisfaction.

Now that we have discussed the importance of employee engagement, let’s proceed towards 5 effective ways to establish it.

5 effective ways to establish employee engagement

1. Make Appreciation a priority:
Appreciation is the key ingredient required to promote employee engagement. It makes your employees feel good. Along with this, recognition also gives them the impression that you value their efforts. As a result, they get motivated to outperform their performance. They work with higher productivity, enthusiasm, and engrossment. Thus, you should make it a priority to appreciate your employees.

2. Let friendship be your mark:
Polite behavior has a magical effect on others. When you behave cordially, you build an emotional connection with your employees. This emotional connection drives their devotion to work and your organization. They do their best to help your organization climb the ladder of success. They work with perfection, motivate their teammates, and devise innovative ideas to beat the competition. All these are signs of employee engagement. This way, your polite behavior can enhance employee engagement in your organization.

3. Promote employee friendships:
Employee relationships determine your organization’s work culture. Further, a happy work culture gives a boost to employee engagement and vice-versa. This implies that for employee engagement, you should cultivate friendly relations between your employees. There are several ways to do so. Fun get-together sessions, playing games, and promoting teamwork, are the best ones out of them.

4. Offer growth opportunities to your employees:
Who doesn’t like to grow in their career? Employees love it when they get opportunities to grow in their careers. The more opportunities they get, the higher their engagement level becomes. Moreover, as your employees grow, your organization grows along. Thus, you should try to offer several growth opportunities for your employees. Training sessions, skills enhancement programs, and higher education courses, are some examples.

5. Communicate effectively and in a transparent manner:
Effective communication is the building block of employee engagement. It builds an emotional connection between you and your employees. As a result, they also feel a sense of emotional attachment towards your organization. Just as discussed above, this emotional connection promotes employee engagement. Thus, you need to communicate with your employees effectively and transparently.

So, this is how you can promote employee engagement in your organization.

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