Autonomous Vehicles

The educational content of this category relates to autonomous vehicles evolution and how they impact Telecom/Communications Service Providers' (CSPs) mobile and fixed networks.  Best practices and guidance are targeted to telecom providers, contractors and others aligned with the ICT industry.  

Industry Trends

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5G/6G & Fixed Wireless Access/Mobile Evolution

Mobility-As-A-Service Up 900% By 2027

Dec. 2, 2021
A recent study by Juniper Research has found that MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) subscribers will generate $53 billion in revenue for MaaS platform providers by 2027, rising from...
5G/6G & Fixed Wireless Access/Mobile Evolution

Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X)

Dec. 2, 2021
How MNOs Can Benefit Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) is at the forefront of digital transformation with operating spectrum allocated by the Federal Communications Commission...
5G/6G & Fixed Wireless Access/Mobile Evolution

Feeling a Bit of Whiplash?

June 1, 2019
Understanding Your Customers’ IT Challenges — Today’s landscape of technology is moving so fast some of your customers’ IT teams are feeling a little whiplash. Hardware has been...
5G/6G & Fixed Wireless Access/Mobile Evolution

The 5G Dawn of Digital Transformation

Nov. 1, 2018
Recommendations for Stakeholders — Even with billions of Internet of Things (IoT) connections, the light of digital transformation is still just a flicker. But 5G networks will...


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Network Transformation/Edge Compute/IoT/URLLC/Automation/M2M

M2M and IoT Need LPWA

May 1, 2017
As the M2M and IoT markets develop, it’s important to understand the subtleties between the two, and how networks must evolve to meet their needs. To begin, we need to […]