Homes Passed to Homes Connected: Selecting the Right OSP Drop Cable for the Job

Learn what factors to consider when selecting OSP drop cables to connect homes and start the flow of revenue.

This event was originally held on February 13, 2024
and is now available for on demand viewing.
Sponsor: HFCL
 1 Hour

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Deployment of FTTH networks requires a great deal of planning and construction, including rollout of trunk, distribution and drop/access cables. Building a distribution network allows service providers to claim they have passed homes, but the actual connection of homes with drop cables is what leads to steady revenue and return on investment. 

After a brief review on architectures and cable selection for FTTH PON distribution networks, this webinar will dive deeply into guidelines for selecting OSP drop cables for the final connection to the customer premises. The chief factors to consider are the right-of-way for deployment, and how the drop cable is terminated at both the distribution end and subscriber end. These factors will affect deployment cost, deployment speed, system performance and maintenance/troubleshooting costs. For each deployment scenario, examples of suitable cables will be presented.

















Peter Weimann
Chief Technology Officer, Optical Fiber and Cable Business

Dr. Peter A. Weimann is CTO of HFCL’s Optical Fibre and Cable Business Unit, currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.   His responsibilities include leading product and process development for optical fibre, optical cable and connectivity products within the HFCL Group. He has over 25 years’ experience in the fibre and cable industry, starting as a materials development engineer with Lucent Technologies’ Bell Labs, Norcross, Georgia, USA. His technical work has included development of new materials for optical cables, design of cables for Outside Plant, FTTH and data center applications, and evaluation of the cabled performance of novel optical fibres. He has been granted 56 U.S. patents on optical fiber cable technology. 

Dr. Weimann holds BS degrees in Materials Science & Engineering and Organizational Management from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Minnesota. 

Moderator: Joe Gillard
Executive Editor
ISE Magazine

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