The educational content of this category relates to AI and AR for Telecom/Communications Service Providers' (CSPs) mobile and fixed networks.  Best practices and guidance are targeted to telecom providers, contractors and others aligned with the ICT industry.

Industry Trends

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If You’re Not Moving Forward, You’re Falling Behind

July 18, 2023
Learn four areas telecom network engineers should learn related to the Metaverse, AI, VR and ML.
With AR/VR technologies, organizations can build digital twins for the metaverse.

Metaverse Investment = YOUR Future

July 21, 2022
Learn why the metaverse will change the way telecom providers will design new services to create more immersive experiences for their customers.
5G/6G & Fixed Wireless Access/Mobile Evolution

Smarter Drones Need 5G for A.I.

Feb. 15, 2021
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, have come a long way since the first low-cost systems emerged in 2007. They have been used for a wide variety of exciting and […]

How AI Analytics Can Boost YOUR Revenue

April 15, 2020
Juniper Research defines AI as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly computer systems that exhibit traits associated with a human mind such ...


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Network Transformation/Edge Compute/IoT/URLLC/Automation/M2M

Modernizing Legacy SONET/SDH Networks Using Circuit Emulation

Feb. 8, 2022
Safely and effectively transforming costly legacy networks to IP Many of today’s service providers are still carrying traffic on networks based on decades old SONET/SDH equipment...