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Service Provider Voice (R)evolution: Switch to Cloud Communications Platform


VoIP 1.0 equipment is end of life and obsolete in today’s cloud-native era. Broadband Success Partners explores the rise of a new solution to power service provider VoIP and UC services: the cloud communications platform. Discover: Why it’s time to retire outdated VoIP infrastructure Service provider benefits from migrating to a cloud communications platform Easy steps to migrate Download your copy now and inform your technology roadmap.  For further information on Alianza, visit www.alianza.com.

Preconnectorized Solutions: The Answer to Time Consuming Network Upgrades


Demand for broadband connectivity everywhere people live, work and play is skyrocketing. Traditional methods of FTTH deployment (e.g., fusion splicing in the field) are either too slow, or too expensive, to keep up with demand. Enter preconnectorized fiber solutions by planning and designing in advance, time-consuming labor can be replaced by precision-manufactured solutions, which enable quick and cost-effective deployments to any number of subscribers. In this paper, we’ll cover the necessary components of a preconnectorized FTTx deployment, and how it can unlock opportunity for operators and subscribers alike.  For additional information on Corning Optical Communications and their products, visit…

How 5G Will Impact Physical Networks and What You Should Do to Protect Equipment


The Impact of 5G and How to Protect Equipment 5G wireless will impact all physical networks, including enterprise-owned premise networks. If you’re responsible for ensuring availability and speed of these networks to business users, it’s important to be aware of what 5G enables and how it may impact your network. Thankfully, this white paper by Chatsworth Products summarizes the impact of 5G on the physical network while highlighting key advancements in equipment storage and remote monitoring that will help operators and decision-makers alike better protect the network as technology rapidly continues to evolve.  For further information on Chatsworth…

Converged Network eBook


Build your future network to meet subscribers’ current and future needs Networks need to change as demands evolve. Convergence simplifies connectivity, helps standardize infrastructure, boosts flexibility, and can support new revenue streams. Optimize infrastructure costs as the network evolves to accommodate new technologies like 5G. There are many ways of approaching Convergence, depending on your requirements and current infrastructure. Check out our Converged Network eBook, which offers vital technology insights, examines changes at the infrastructure level, and helps identify what solution is right for you. Now that you know, the future—quite literally— is in your hands, what’s your next move?…

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