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UL Recognized Access Hardware Saves Enclosure Manufacturers Testing Time


Southco submitted select latches, hinges and fasteners to UL for testing and investigation under FTTA2/FTTA8, to evaluate these components’ resistance to corrosion and performance degradation due to environmental conditions and usage over time. Enclosure accessories that pass these tests and receive the FTTA2/FTTA8 Recognition Certification can be used by manufacturers who create or use Type rated enclosures that comply with UL 50 and UL 50E, which streamlines the process of bringing Type rated enclosures to market. Manufacturers building enclosures that were Type rated in compliance with UL 50 and UL 50E need to initiate additional testing and evaluation of components,…

Ultra-broadband Deployments Testing Made Easy


Measuring network throughput performance using Speedtest®: New solutions to streamline the process for internet and IPTV service providers Internet and IPTV service providers today operate in ultra-competitive markets where CAPEX and OPEX are tightly managed—and subscribers demand stellar quality and performance. For many years, subscribers used well-known solutions to measure network throughput performance and quality to ensure they were getting the most bang for the buck. The most popular network throughput measurement solution has always been Speedtest® by Ookla®. With more than 6000 geographically distributed servers worldwide, over 9.78 billion internet tests run to date, and 80% of the world’s…

Cat6/6A Network Cable Compatibility


A major stumbling point in high-speed network installation is the incompatibility of Cat6/6A connectors and Cat6/6A cable. The TIA-568 specification calls for cabling electrical characteristics but leaves the physical construction to the manufacturer. This leaves “standard” RJ45 connectors unable to accommodate newer and enhanced cables, even though they are “Cat6/6A” connectors, designed for the high-speed electrical characteristics. https://www.platinumtools.com/sections/blog/datacom/can-a-cat6-connector-work-on-a-cat5e-cable/

Application Note Title: Mobile Backhaul Test Synchronous Ethernet Evaluation


The explosive growth in mobile data traffic has driven the surge in mobile backhaul networks. Since these networks are primarily packet-based, they require synchronization between the multitude of network elements to ensure proper call hand-offs and increased network reliability. Download our complimentary application note and learn how testing synchronization in your Ethernet-based networks during construction and deployment will ensure maximum performance.

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